Col. Ranseier's crazy adventures.

Odyssey of Col. Ranseier

Version 3.01 (02/01/2003)

Crazy action-loaded adventures in space with Col. Ranseier.

Odyssey of Col. RanseierIn this multi-action game, Col. Ranseier must save the Confederation from an alien invasion, and he must do it all on his own, as the complete forces are already in an offensive war. And that means some things will certainly go wrong. The game consists of several acts with alternating sub-genres. At times the Col. beats his way in classic platform style, later he finds himself in a space shooter and so on. Fortunately there is a password feature.

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Odyssey of Col. Ranseier

Michael Hoffmann

Prinz-Eugen-Str. 16b, 48151 Münster, Deutschland