Comedic story-based role-playing game.

Byteria Saga: Heroine Iysayana

Version 1.8 (01.11.2012)

Comedic story-based role-playing game with traditional mechanics.

Byteria Saga: Heroine IysayanaComedic story-based RPG. Iysayana's life has been a great orgy, but now the goddess Yw'nafob forces the atypical elf into heroism. Fortunately, other characters with varying fighting and magic abilities will join forces with her eventually. Explore caves and dungeons, fight monsters and villains and grow strong enough to save the small kingdom of Ashford and perhaps the whole world of Byteria in this traditional turn-based role-playing game.

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Byteria Saga: Heroine Iysayana

Michael Hoffmann

Prinz-Eugen-Str. 16b, 48151 Münster, Deutschland