Funny platform game with superhero Marty.

Byteria Heroes: Far Wars

Version 5.5 (06/23/2011)

Funny platform game with superhero Marty set in the screwy world of Byteria.

Byteria Heroes: Far WarsFunny platform game with about 50 levels, in which rookie superhero Marty must defend his homeland against wannabe world conqueror Scrapper and his extradimensional allies. You can play using the keyboard or a joystick, and a save feature allows you to start the game at any world already reached before, but it is also possible to suspend a game in progress. The story is told in entertaining cutscenes, but you can also disable them if you wish.

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Byteria Heroes: Far Wars

Michael Hoffmann

Prinz-Eugen-Str. 16b, 48151 Münster, Deutschland